Contributors has a number of contributors, and you can read a little more about them from the pages below.

Matt Bisogno – Publisher, and lead writer. Matt owns the publishing house, Summum Bonum Ltd, and writes both here and on his UK racing site, He is an owner, and a staunch supporter of the sport.

Liam Glynn – Senior Writer. Liam is an accomplished journalist, majoring in both horse racing and Gaelic sports. His contributions at are all equine related, and he produces around fifteen news articles per week for us.

Tony Keenan – Feature Writer. Tony is a form student and writes for Geegeez and Betfair as well as His weekly insights into (and between the lines of) the Irish flat racing scene have thrown up numerous winners, and will continue so to do.

Mal Boyle – Feature Writer. Mal is a stats man, through and through. As well as his work on, he also writes for Geegeez, and His weekly walk through the notable declarations has become essential reading for many subscibers.

Tony McCormick –  Trends Compiler, has run Irish Big Race Trends for 5 years. Owned Miss Wizz.

Martin Pennington – Professional Odds-Compiler, has been working in the industry since graduating from University, lover of all racing.

Stephen Dwyer –  Accredited Racing Journalist. Monthly column with Betview, listed as one of racing’s best bloggers,write for the Racing Yearbook,Nationalist and The Irish Field.

Cathryn Fry – Accredited Racing Journalist and Broadcaster. Racing Correspondent to Cotswold Style Magazine, Chief Reporter to, Racing Correspondent to Radio Winchcombe.


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