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Sep 17

Mal Boyle Stats – Monday 17th

Sunday’s school report: I suggested that Sunday was a ‘low stake’ day which was the right call given that just two winners emerged for us at 5/1 (returned at 5/4) & 11/4 (3/1).  That said, three second placed horses at 10/1 (11/2), 5/1 (6/1) and 4/1 (7/4) could have blitzed the bookies again had they …

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Sep 16

Mal Boyle Stats – Sunday 16th

Only because we have been playing up winnings for several successive days of late am I becoming involved today.  Sunday is the type of day when we should be looking to have a bit of fun with ‘loose change’ without getting too involved – best of luck though as the ‘selections’ have still be thoroughly …

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Sep 15

Mal Boyle Stats – Saturday 15th

Friday school report: 3 WINNERS at 11/1 (returned at 13/2) – 10/1 (12/1) – 9/2 (11/2), whilst a second placed horse at 14/1 (12/1) would have really sealed the day – though you should be pleased enough with the results I’ll wager!   SATURDAY ‘DEAD OF NIGHT’ MMA SERVICE AT 6.30: DONCASTER: 1.50: Lancelot Du …

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Sep 14

Mal Boyle Stats – Friday 14th

Thursday’s school report: Another winning day, albeit I told you to back the 18/1 WINNER Vallarta at 14/1 in the morning, though I guess you will not have too many complaints if I offer that info on a daily basis!   Other winners at 8/1 (returned at 7/2) & 7/1 (4/1) were joined by second placed …

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Sep 13

Mal Boyle stats – Thursday 13th

Wednesday’s school report: 11 runners represented us yesterday offering a slight profit on the day with WINNERS at 15/2 (returned at 9/1) & 3/1 (7/2) – whilst a 14/1 chance (returned at 15/2) would have made it a golden day but for finding one too good close home.   THURSDAY ‘DEAD OF NIGHT’ MMA SERVICE …

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Sep 12

Mal Boyle Stats – Wednesday 12th

Tuesday’s school report: With Salisbury abandoned yesterday, we ‘only’ had nine runners which proved profitable via a 12/1 WINNER (returned at 7/1), whilst nearly every horse was well backed on the day. Although I had been out of action for nine days previously, there was no change to the type of service/price recommendations/results on a …

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Sep 11

Mal Boyle Stats – Tuesday 11th

TUESDAY ‘DEAD OF NIGHT’ MMA SERVICE AT 6.30: Remembering those who perished on this day ‘across the pond’ which takes precedence over betting today….. A day for tentative staking, given the poor quality of sport on offer whilst ‘finding my feet’ on my return to the fray against the ol’ enemy!  Best of luck guys… …

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Sep 01

Mal Boyle stats – Saturday 1st

Friday school report: Four MMA WINNERS on Friday at 7/1 (returned at 11/4), 6/1 (7/2) 11/2 (7/2) & 3/1 (6/4) gave us yet another winning day, notwithstanding winners for the highlighted trainers at Sandown for Clive Cox (8/1) and Richard Hannon (9/1)! Richard also gave us a 25/1 placed horse and a forecast via his …

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Aug 31

Mal Boyle Stats – Friday 31st

Just a reminder that I am away after sending tomorrow’s work (Saturday) – until Tuesday week (11th) which is the day before Doncaster’s big St Leger meeting starts – hoping that you back plenty of winners before I return! Thursday’s school report: 11 runners yesterday – Another (albeit marginal) winning day – 2 WINNERS at …

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Aug 30

Mal Boyle Stats – Thursday 30th

Wednesday’s school report: Another winning day on Wednesday with WINNERS AT 14/1 (returned at 10/1), 10/3 (5/2) & 11/4 (10/3) – 3 placed at each way prices + another seven backed off the boards at an average price of 10/1 (average SP of 6/1). We enjoyed the thrill of the chase again on Wednesday whilst …

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Aug 29

Mal Boyle Stats – Wednesday 29th

Tuesday school report: We showed a slight profit yesterday via 3 winners at 6/1 (returned at 11/4*), 3/1 (9/4) & 3/1 (5/2) – nothwithstanding four placed ‘selections’ & three horses which were beaten at 14/1 (returned at 5/1), 15/2 (9/2) & 13/2 (4/1) = a winning day + the thrill of the chase – not …

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Aug 28

Mal Boyle Stats – Tuesday 28th

Monday school report: Four MMA WINNERS at 9/1 (returned at 7/2), 9/1 (6/1), 6/1 (3/1) & 11/2 (11/4) more than paid our way on Bank Holiday Monday, whilst viewing tweets that so many people had ‘done their money’ on a day when collectively the view was “we should not really bet”!  They obviously tuned into …

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Aug 27

Mal Boyle Stats – Monday 27th

Sunday’s school report:  T’was a golden day on Sunday (I intimated that we would have some fun!) – 9 MMA horses offered – 4 winners at 18/1 (returned at 20/1) – 12/1 (9/2) – 11/2 (2/1) & 5/1 (4/5) – 2 horses offered to win the Nursery races (no other horses mentioned) produced a 17/1 …

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Aug 26

Mal Boyle stats – Sunday 26th

Saturday’s school report: 5 WINNERS at 13/2 (returned at 7/2), 11/2 (7/2), 11/2 (4/1) 5/1 (4/1) & 15/8 (2/1) were okay, though the 4 second placed horses would have made all the difference had they gone ‘one better’, given their 16/1, 6/1, 5/1 & 5/1 morning prices. Just 9 horses to offer today – could …

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Aug 25

Daily analysis – Saturday 25th

Ebor Handicap analysis: 3.40 York: The number of three-year-old declarations in the Ebor Handicap has dropped, with only the very best vintage representatives able to take their place in the line-up which disappoints yours truly to a fashion. The last junior winner was recorded in 2001 and once again, three-year-olds are conspicuous only by their absence …

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Aug 25

Mal Boyle Stats – Saturday 25th

Friday school report: 4 WINNERS on Friday at 8/1 (5/1), 7/2 (9/4), 7/2 (5/2) & 13/8 (11/8) – backed up by nine placed horses (average price of 5/1 – average of 7/2 SP), SEVEN OF WHICH FINISHED 2ND! Let’s hope for a little more luck today…   SATURDAY ‘DEAD OF NIGHT’ MMA SERVICE AT 6.30: …

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Aug 24

Mal Boyle Stats – Friday 24th

Just a brief note before offering today’s potential movers and shakers that the MMA service will be all that is provided for a while before taking stock of everything. Changes are in the pipeline one way or another though as yet, we don’t know timescales.  Thanks for your patience/kind remarks yesterday.   FRIDAY ‘DEAD OF …

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Aug 23

Mal Boyle Stats – Thursday 23rd

No service today I gave what I thought was a first rate service yesterday.  Have a look at the MMA work in particular and tell me if you could find a better run down of ‘movers and shakers’, notwithstanding the reasoning to back the ‘selections’ up. Only a handful of people seem genuinely interested in …

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Aug 22

Mal Boyle Stats – Wednesday 22nd

Tuesday school report: Four WINNERS yesterday at 8/1 (returned at 2/1), 11/2 (11/4), 11/2 (4/1) & 7/2 (3/1) – 6 others were placed at an average early morning price of 13/2. Mal pinpointed the only Nursery winner of the day (yet again) in his specialist area, whilst the horse in question (Wolf Hunter) was one …

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Aug 21

Daily analysis – Nursery Service + Preview of York’s opening day tomorrow

BRIGHTON – AUGUST 21   Please excuse the somewhat brief work pertaining to Brighton’s meeting which was a new fixture last year, hence the lack of detail. That said, I have offered details of the York races for tomorrow to make up for the lack of content today!   Today’s Nursery details follow the Brighton …

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