Jun 02

Mal Boyle stats – Friday June 2nd

Time line for the next few weeks:

Today’s service as normal, with additional work found via the links on my Twitter page.  

Saturday & Sunday’s service will be via my other contracted work.

You can find the daily analysis at geegeez.co.uk – Saturday’s analysis will be linked via my Twitter page though, before I leave for the weekend around 10.00 this morning.  Sunday’s work should be found at geegeez from 18.00 hours on Saturday evening – look for Placepot Pointers.

There will be no Daily Stats after this offering until a brief service is in place on Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday, before I disappear to hospital for a while.  I have no idea at this stage when I will return after that, though I will endeavour to run a full service through Royal Ascot week for sure. We just happen to be moving on Sunday week – date fixed before the hospital confirmed their timing, which was not ideal!

Sincere thanks for all your kind wishes via my Twitter page – they are all very much appreciated.

Today’s in form trainers include (aside from those on the sporting life site which should be linked by 9.00 this morning):

12/43–Mark Johnston (+4) – 6 today: W G Grace (1.50 Catterick), Cardsharp (2.00 Epsom), Abareeq & Final (3.45 Epsom), Sutter County (5.15 Epsom) & Aardwolf (5.50 Epsom)

9/31–Roger Varian (+2) – 1 today: Soloman’s Bay (5.15 Epsom)

6/16–Ian Williams (+29) – 3 today: Rebel Yeats (4.45 Market Rasen), Gabrial The Thug (6.10 Goodwood) & The Statesman (7.00 Doncaster)

5/17–Michael Dods (+18) – 2 at Doncaster tonight: My Name Is Rio (8.00 Doncaster) & Ocean Princess (8.30)

3/5–Robert Cowell (+8) – 1 today: Southern Belle (7.40 Goodwood)

3/7–David O’Meara (+11) – 5 today: Consequences (1.50 Catterick), Mythical Madness (2.35 Epsom), Flowers Will Bloom (3.35 Catterick), Harwoods Volante (4.55 Catterick) & Coolfitch (8.00 Doncaster)

3/9–Andrew Balding (+10) – 4 runners: Elbereth (3.10 Epsom), Brorocco (3.45 Epsom), Horseplay (4.30 Epsom) & Aiya (6.40 Goodwood)

3/9–James Eustace (+15) – 1 today: Coverham (8.30 Doncaster)

3/9–Paul Nicholls (+2) – 1 today at Market Rasen: Rainy City (2.15)

3/9–Mark Walford (+8) – 1 at Market Rasen: Rock N’Stones (5.20)

One for Saturday for you – 5/9–Simon Crisford (+20) – 1 runner: Yamathaba Malayeen (4.00 Musselburgh).

Whether horses are running at Epsom on Derby Day or in the depths of winter at Towcester – Be lucky but as always – Be Aware!  

Very best of luck over the course of the weekend.


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