Feb 06

Mal Boyle stats – Monday 6th

Things are hectic due to other commitments and illness but during the course of this week at least, I will offer a limited number of stats which might point you to backing a few winners – hoping that to be the case.  I also hope this message finds you in better shape:


3/6 this season–Kim Bailey – 1 runner: The Drinkymeiseter (3.35)

3/11–Sam England (+22 points of level stake profits) – 3 runners on the card: Nicki’s Nipper (2.35), Attimo (3.35) & Ask Paddy (4.05)


10-37 (+28)–David O’Meara – 1 runner: Berlusca (2.50)

8/24 (+46)–Ian Williams – 3 runners: Modernism (2.50), Gabrial The Terror (4.50) & Frap (5.50)

Have a great day and be luck but also, be aware!

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