Jul 05

Mal Boyle Stats – Thursday 5th

Wednesday’s school report:

It was a quiet day due to sickness yesterday when I offered up 10 MMA horses for your consideration.  Nearly every horse was well backed which regular readers will have come to understand as ‘normal procedure’ these days.

3 WINNERS were recorded at 4/1 (returned at 5/2**), 9/4 (2/1) & 4/5 (1/2) – alongside 1 placed horse at 4/1 (11/4) and one non runner.

Four of the five beaten horses were backed from 13/2 to 7/2, 11/2 to 11/4, 8/1 to 6/1 & 3/1 to 5/2.

Let’s call it an ‘okay day’….

There is bad news to report however as medics are suggesting (nay demanding) that I take a week off work completely, sooner rather than later.  I would not leave you totally ‘uncovered’ in terms of copy, suffice to say that for four of the seven days which I could not cover ‘in full’, I would offer you relevant stats and facts for meetings based on past results.

This will not be happening next week (as was my reply yesterday!) with Newmarket’s July Meeting being contested.

If we can book something up over the coming few days however, the plan is to carry out my last work next Saturday (14th) which would give reasonable amounts of coverage for the Sunday and Monday too (thanks to 48 hour declarations) leaving Tuesday – Friday being covered as best I can.

I apologise for this ‘inconvenience’ though the majority of you have paid for the service until the end of the year and the view from medics is that unless I take complete break for a week (they would prefer a month), subscribers could be seriously ‘short changed’ if you follow my drift….




Apologies – No further work offered today due to illness….



DEAD OF NIGHT Morning Market Assessment (at 6.00 am) – these prices will be updated at 8.00 with additions if/where relevant.


6.00: Whinging Willie – 11/2 (365)

7.35: Dourada – 3/1 (Marathon)


2.00: Fleeting Freedom – 9/2 (PP/BetVictor)

2.30: Jonah Jones – 13/8 (Ladbrokes)

3.00: Solesmes – 10/1 (Ladbrokes)

4.00: Kirkham – 12/1 (Generally)


5.40: Two horses to consider: Iconic Knight – 10/3 (Skybet/Betfair/BetVictor) & Dreamboat Annie – 11/1 (365/BetVictor)

7.15: King Lud – 5/1 (Generally available)

7.50: Restless Rose – 4/1 (Ladbrokes/Coral)

8.25: Ourmullion – 5/1 (365/BetVictor)


3.20: Lord Murphy – 6/1 (Generally available)

4.20:  Wild Acclaim – 7/2 (365/Marathon/Sunbets)


2.40: Shanaway – 9/1 (365/Marathon)

3.10: Netfy Bay – 5/1 (Ladbrokes/Cioral)

3.40: Mitcd 15/8 (Generally available)

4.10: Jovial Joey – 15/2 (Generally)

4.40: Loud And Clear – 11/2 (Ladbrokes/PP)


  1. Christ Mal – take the month off!!!

  2. If only that opportunity was open to me! Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to write – Best of luck this weekend (and beyond) – Mal

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