Oct 09

Mal Boyle Stats – Tuesday 10th through Sunday 15th

I apolgise for taking the rest of the week off due to some disappointing news that will affect my entire future in the racing business.

I am taking time out to reassess where I go from here and will be back on Monday (16th) hopefully refreshed to offer my normal work.

Regular readers will know that I am contracted to offer my daily Placepot Analysis for geegeez.co.uk and Friday/Saturday/Sunday Stat Attack columns for the sportinglife.com.

These will be available as usual via links on my Twitter page until Friday (inclusive) but you will have to look up the relevant companies for the weekend work as I will be away until Sunday night.

I hope this message finds you in better shape than yours truly and that you will understand why I will not be offering the free content outside of (contracted) duties until Monday.  I should point out that Tony is entirely free of blame for my stance this week.

Wishing you the very best of luck for the rest of the week…..Don’t forget to log on for all of the other great services that Tony has to offer.


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