Mar 08

Mal Boyle stats – Wednesday 8th

Leading represented trainers at two of today’s four meetings, as none of the all weather stats ‘stand up’ today.  Mark Johnston (leading trainer at Lingfield since February 1st) is not represented, whilst no clear leader has emerged at Kempton to date.  

That said, here are the recent favourites returns since the end of January:



6 meetings – 42 races – 43 favourites – 14 winners – 13 placed (exact science) – 16 unplaced – Average Placepot dividend: £631.65


12 meetings – 79 races – 82 favourites – 32 winners – 25 placed – 25 unplaced – Average Placepot dividend: £407.98


Leading represented trainers at today’s two NH venues:


6/16–Sue Smith (+10) – 3 runners: Absolute (2.20), Nomoreblackjack (2.50) & Lavella Wells (3.20)

5/29–Donald McCain – 1 runner: Whiteoak Stroller (5.20)

4/11–Dan Skelton (+1) – 1 runner: Golden Vision (3.20)


11/58–Gary Moore – 1 runner: All Currencies (4.40)

10/31–Neil Mulholland (+10) – 1 runner: Oscars Boss (3.10)


The following message will be on show until next week for ‘new’ readers to digest:


There are lost of stats being punted around these days but without boosting my own over-inflated ago further, it was yours truly that started revealing the facts that matter seventeen years ago when starting my daily column for the Sporting Life which ran for over 15 years,

Although I only offer three days of work for the ‘Life’ these days, I have long since been the only surviving freelance writer for them going back to the start of the Millenium.

Three years later I was the first person (and still am as far as I know) who had their stats published in a four page centre-fold in the Festival programme each day, nothwithstanding working for the Channel 4 Cheltenham Festival team the following year.

Websites come and go alongside their respective ‘experts’ but of you want to read the thoughts and stats of the person that has negotiated ‘ all the fences’ safely for the thick end of 20 years – you know where to come next week – my Twitter pages will have directions to all the details you really need, with all due respect to other columnists out there in the jungle.

Best of luck today and particularly – next week.


Be lucky but as always, be aware!