The FP System – Final Review

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So, that’s the end of our trial of The FP System, and boy oh boy this one has blown me away! When I first read the system rules and found out it was a Stop At A Winner (SAW) system, I figured we’d all be heading to the poor house – I was wrong, oh so wrong!

This is the first SAW system I’ve ever seen that has been properly researched and is based on sound racing statistics. There’s no ‘stable gambles’, inside info or any of that bull, it’s just plain old statistics and I LIKE that! Add in the fact that Matt is an all-round nice guy and offers the best customer service we’ve ever seen and it was obvious we were on to a winner!

I said in my opening review that what Matt was offering was so much more than a system and I still stand by that. His customer support is second to none, and each email he sends gives a little bit of advice and let’s you see inside the mind of a professional punter. Anyone considering taking up this game full time could do a lot worse than listen to what Matt has to say.

So, we spent around 40 days testing The FP System and had a total of 30 days actual betting. In those 30 days we banked a total of 30 points profit, and most days my ‘work’ was all done and dusted within two or three races. Occasionally, I had to play in five races – not exactly what I’d call taxing! The biggest single stake I placed was just shy of £70 and the biggest total amount staked on any one day was £120, again nothing to worry about there – especially if you follow Matt’s money management advice and set up the correct bank. If spending an hour in front of your PC sounds too much like hard work, have no fear! Matt has designed a bot that will do ALL the work for you! It is currently awaiting Betfair approval, which is expected anytime now and when released will make the job even easier – can’t say fairer than that 🙂

So, do we here at recommend The FP System?? We absolutely 100% recommend The FP System as an essential part of any serious punters portfolio, not just because the system is so good, but because of the support and advice that comes with it – go get it!

Add The FP System to your portfolio here…

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  1. I’ve been using FP System for a year and a half now and, while it had a couple of sticky months recently, I’m well over 150 points up on the deal. As I try to win £100 a day, I’m now up over £15,000. FP System is the real deal – if you haven’t got it, you should definitely check it out!


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    November 22, 2009 at 5:52 pm

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